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Benfits of DYNOCHAIN

Investment Pool

During this bear market, a lot of projects are struggling to stay alive and many developers are hesitating to launch new projects. We're creating a pool that will be filled from presale funds and taxes. This will incentivize existing projects on other chains and new developers to deploy on DynoChain.

Ease of Use

With our developer friendly SDK, DynoChain is designed to make onboarding hassle free for developers, users and investors. Everything that one can salvage from a blockchain is included from OBridge to the NFT marketplace.


Some blockchains have inherent scalability issues that limits transactions resulting in delays and high fees. This is solved in DynoChain. The DeFi, GameFi and NFT projects built on DynoChain will have ability to grow bandwidth and have capacity to effortlessly support a massive network. The developers will be able to create more features as their projects grow.


Security is the biggest challenge to the growth of DeFi projects. It's therefore crucial for any DeFi, GameFi and NFT project to thrive. The DynoChain solved the security issue to ensure project developers are at ease. The layered architecture of DynoChain and decentralization provides maximum security.

Micro Fees

High gas fees in most blockchains pose a great barrier for developers that want to scale fast. We minimize friction to maximize virality through micro fees. The cheaper the transaction, the lesser they feel like fees; meaning user experience is much better. This leads to more user retention and maximized growth; which is beneficial to project developers.


Transactions must be fast for a blockchain to be usable. With DynoChain transactions are instant; making it suitable to create projects that support day to day use.